The Abandoned Farrar Schoolhouse In Iowa Is One Of The Eeriest Places In America

Iowa is full of history, mystery, and relics of places long passed into history. But what ends doesn’t always stay gone, and that may be the case for the Farrar Schoolhouse in Maxwell, Iowa in more ways than one. Since it closed, this abandoned school in Iowa has been the subject of countless paranormal sightings and rumors of ghostly activity – and now you can explore for yourself. Haunting at Farrar, a paranormal exploration company, has purchased the old building and partially restored it for safety while leaving the abandoned building almost exactly as it is. They regularly host bookings to explore the grounds for curious and brave visitors. Do you dare to visit for yourself?

Have you been to the Farrar Schoolhouse? Let us know in the comments if you saw anything unusual at this mysterious abandoned school in Iowa. If you’re interested in exploring it this fall, pay a visit to their website to find out about bookings. If you’re looking to explore more of haunted Iowa, consider a visit to this eerie cemetery.

Address: 11125 NE 134th Ave, Maxwell, IA 50161, USA