These 7 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Iowa Will Leave You Baffled

Iowa is a pretty safe state, overall. We don’t have nearly as much crime as many of the larger states and, for the most part, life around here is quiet. But that doesn’t mean strange and scary things can’t, or won’t, happen. From bizarre sightings of creepy cryptids to bone-chilling murders that were never solved, here are seven of the most infamous, most disturbing, and most baffling unsolved mysteries in Iowa.

So, what do you think? Were the Rowe-Richardson twins psychic? Was it Bigfoot that was killing beloved pets in that small Iowa town? What happened to Jodi Huisentruit? Do you know of any more compelling unsolved mysteries in Iowa? Tell us your favorite head-scratchers in the comments.

And for more of the creepy and macabre in Iowa, be sure to check out this haunted road trip.

Address: Iowa, USA

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Unsolved Mysteries in Iowa

April 18, 2021

What are some famous Iowa haunted places?

So maybe Iowa isn’t exactly known for much more than farms and fields, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of creepy and haunted places to brag about. Some of our haunted places are pretty well-known, at least in the ghost-hunting and paranormal circles of the internet. For example, the Villisca Axe Murder House was once the site of a horrific mass murder: two adults and six children were hacked to death in the night by an unknown assailant. Now, the home is said to be insanely haunted, with some people reporting minor injuries like scratches and hair-pulling by invisible hands. The Franklin Hotel, in Strawberry Point, is well known for its haunting by two ghosts, and we’ve even got a few haunted roads, too. There’s a lot of spooky things going on in Iowa – you just need to know where to look. 

Are there any Iowa urban legends? 

Just like most places, Iowa is home to some creepy and downright scary urban legends. For instance, did you know that Union Cemetery in Guthrie Center, Iowa, is the resting place of what’s known as the “devil’s chair”, a strange pit of sadness in the form of a stone chair said to bring horrible luck and sometimes even death to anyone foolish enough to sit in it? There are at least two “black angel” legends in two different Iowa cemeteries, which say that anyone foolish enough to approach the angels will be blessed with illness or bad luck. Check out this list of some of the creepiest Iowa-based urban legends out there. 

Where are the scariest places in Iowa?

There are some places in our lovely state that are, thanks to their histories, appearances, or overall vibes, simply spooky. Does it necessarily mean they’re haunted? Maybe not, but that doesn’t stop them from being super-eerie. The Hotel Blackheart, in Davenport, has a strange and dark history, from celebrity deaths to a meth lab explosion, so it’s no stranger to tales of being a little eerie. We’re the proud home of some (allegedly) super-haunted cemeteries, and the fact that we’re an older state means we’ve got lots of historically haunted places, like Mason House Inn (a historic hotel said to be haunted by numerous restless ghosts), and the old Independence State Hospital is said to be very haunted, too.

Address: Iowa, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.