This Terrifying Indiana Serial Killer Might Just Be One Of The Creepiest In US History

On April 7th, 1947, a man by the name of Herbert “Herb” Baumeister was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. All things considered, he led a fairly average childhood; there were no notable instances of questionable circumstances during his upbringing. However, in his early teen years, he began to show signs of aggressive and antisocial behavior, and he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He would not, however, seek treatment, and his mental health declined until subsequently he began a possibly decades-long rampage that would claim the lives of up to 26 men.

Upon hearing that the bodies on his property had been unearthed, Baumeister fled to Canada. He was found deceased in his vehicle at a park in Ontario on July third of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His several-page suicide note discussed his failed marriage, his failing business, and his struggles with mental illness. They made absolutely no mention of the bodies found on his land.

Mrs. Baumeister assisted the investigation as best she could, and in the end, they identified only a handful of her husband’s victims. They discovered that the bodies had stopped appearing along the I-70 right around when they began piling up at Fox Hollow Farms, indicating that Baumeister had stopped leaving them there once he realized he could simply dispose of them on his own land.

Due to his suicide, he never went to trial; however, his legacy of terror across Indiana and Ohio left scars that don’t ever quite heal. The community of Westfield has since moved on from the tragedies, though the memories of victims past will likely always walk among the living there, like a shadow that doesn’t go away when there’s a light shined upon it. One can’t exactly erase such a dark history, but one can learn from it.

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