You’ve already had a chance to learn 28 Signs a Person is Obviously From Indiana. These 28 signs only begin to scratch the surface on what it means to be Hoosier. In fact, here are 15 more undeniable ways you know you must be from Indiana.

1. When it starts raining and you hear a loud noise, you are not sure whether it was thunder or someone’s old truck driving by.

2. You know how to pronounce Merrillville the right way.

3. You drive to another state on Sunday just to get some booze.

4. You know someone who started smoking before they were 10.

5. You know what Long’s Bakery is and love it.

6. The smell of skunk reminds you of your home.

7. You can travel for several hours and the scenery still looks exactly the same.

8. You tell people you “worshed the torlet”.

9. You start laughing when someone argues there is more to just corn in Indiana.

10. The hippest hang-out places are McDonald’s and Wal-Mart.

11. You have both a fan and a heater in your bedroom.

12. It is perfectly normal to see a family pushing around two full carts of children at Wal-Mart.

13. You can live in a city and have a cornfield behind your home.

14. Your idea of a good tenderloin is a big slab of breaded pork served on buns with just a dill pickle and some ketchup.

15. You are not afraid to get a little (or a lot) dirty.

Who knew Hoosiers had so many different unique traits? How many of these items did you agree with? Can you think of any other signs someone is obviously from Indiana? Share them with me in the comments!

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