Follow The Lake Michigan Shoreline Along This Scenic Drive Through Indiana

Hey, did you hear that? It was the sound of your next epic road trip in Indiana creeping up behind you. The Hoosier State is filled with all kinds of wonderful places, and we just so happen to have plenty of delightful scenic routes weaving all over the state just waiting to be explored. We may be entirely landlocked, but nobody ever said we still can’t enjoy a waterfront road trip in Indiana; in fact, one of our favorite Hoosier scenic routes follows along – for the most part – the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. Check it out:

For more information about Indiana Dunes National Park, as well as all the scenic routes you can do, check out the official Indiana Dunes website. If it were up to us, we’d stay at Beverly Shores and make an overnight trip out of it!

Address: East Dunes Highway, E Dunes Hwy, Gary, IN, USA