Visit West Beach In Indiana, A Hidden Gem Beach That Has Its Very Own Dune Trail

West Beach is a hidden gem in Gary, Indiana. Along with being a great spot to relax and enjoy water views looking out over Lake Michigan, you can spend time hiking the local dune trail that runs besides the beach. Located in Indiana Jones State Park, West Beach is an ideal destination for a day trip with friends and family. To maximize your time at West Beach, you can also rent a pavilion shelter for the day and use it as a base while you play in the water, picnic, and hike the Dunes Succession Trail.

If you’d like to explore the of West Beach in Indiana, you can start the trail walk towards the beach shoreline, go through the park beach house and follow the boardwalk to the “dune head.” What a marvelous summer adventure!

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Address: West Beach, Portage, IN 46403, USA