This Unique Indiana Campground Is Also A Designated Dark Sky Area So You Can Stargaze During Your Stay

Did you know that there are a decent handful of dark-sky places in Indiana (and the United States) that are perfect for a nighttime escape? It’s true – and you can even camp out at many of them! One such little slice of paradise perfect for epic stargazing in Indiana is a beautiful place known as Dunewood Capground. It can be found in Beverly Shores – one of Indiana’s first dark sky towns – and it’s so outrageously beautiful that we’re kind of stunned it’s not more popular than it already is.

One thing is for sure: Dunewood Campground in Beverly Shores, Indiana, is one of the downright best places to stay overnight if you appreciate the night sky. Not only is it beautiful by day – it really comes alive at night! For more of our favorite places to go camping in Indiana, check out these amazing secluded campgrounds in Indiana you’ll love.

Address: Dunewood Campground, 645 Broadway Avenue, Beverly Shores, IN 46301, USA