Winter in Indiana is pretty unpredictable. One moment you’re strolling around in shorts and a tee shirt and the next you’re stuck inside because of a crazy ice storm. While you can’t rely on consistent weather for this Midwestern state, you can rely on the fact that if we get snow, this will likely be the snowiest city in the state. What is the average snowfall in South Bend Indiana? Read more to find out! What are your favorite things about winter? Let us know!

Did you know this was the snowiest city in Indiana? For more fun facts about Indiana winters, read more about this historic ice storm that shut down parts of the Hoosier state.

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Average Snowfall In South Bend Indiana

  1. What is the average snowfall in South Bend Indiana per year?  

South Bend is easily the snowiest town in Indiana, averaging about 64.5 inches per year! Compare this to the national average – 28 inches per year – and you realize it gets almost three times more snow than most places!  

2. What is the average snowfall in Indiana per year? 

The average annual snowfall in Indiana depends on which part of the state you’re referencing; northern Indiana receives more snowfall than southern Indiana, averaging up to 70 inches (or even 80+ on particularly notable years) versus about 15 inches. Of course, there have been some very notable snowstorms in Indiana’s history, like:  


3. What is winter in Indiana like?  

Don’t let the cold scare you – winter in Indiana is pretty gosh-darn fun if you ask us. Snow makes it even better! There are lots of things to do during winter in Indiana, some of our favorites being: