Stay Overnight In The Roads Hotel, An Allegedly Haunted Spot In Indiana

If you’re looking for a hotel in Indiana that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than the Roads Hotel. This definitely haunted destination is perfect for thrill-seekers of all stripes. With ghastly group stays, private investigations day and night, and monthly overnight expeditions for those who prefer to get their creeps with company, this is the haunted housing for you.

The Roads Hotel is located at 150 E Main St, Atlanta, IN 46031.

What’s an escape unless you might want to escape from it? Why hit the road, if where you’re going doesn’t have the chance of sending you running home? For those who like their stays to be supernatural, and can’t stand a ho-hum hotel, the Roads Hotel demands a trip. Learn more about this haunted hotel, visit its website or Facebook page.

What’s your favorite spooky spot to stay the night in Indiana? What’s haunting you in the Hoosier State? We love hearing your stories and seeing your photos. Get in touch!

Address: 150 E Main St, Atlanta, IN 46031, USA