Indiana’s Most Beautiful Lakeside Resort Is The Perfect Place For A Relaxing Getaway

So maybe the Hoosier State isn’t exactly known for its amazing getaways and/or holiday potential, but we here at OnlyInYourState are convinced that this prejudice is unfair. As it turns out, anyone who’s ever lived here could tell you that there is a multitude of magical facets to this lovely little Midwestern state; there are some truly pristine lakes in Indiana, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Indiana are so amazing that you’ll forget you’re nearly landlocked in the first place. We found a stunning lakeside resort that seems to be calling your name right about now; it’s got everything you could ever hope for in a getaway, from gorgeous rooms to lakeside shenanigans and everything in between. Check out the Fourwinds Lakeside Inn and Marina while the weather is nice and see what you’ve been missing:

Seriously, friends: this lakeside resort in Indiana seems to have it all, and we couldn’t love it more. We’re not entirely certain how this jewel of the Midwest managed to fly under our radar for so long, but now we have to go check it out. Come join us!

To book your stay (we strongly recommend doing so well in advance), be sure to visit the official Fourwinds Lakeside Inn and Marina website!

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Address: Fourwinds Lakeside Inn & Marina, 9301 S Fairfax Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA