So, if I ever told you that there’s a beyond quirky but oddly intriguing museum in Indiana dedicated entirely to fans (as in the air-moving kind) that you should actually check out, what would you think? Many people would likely immediately dismiss the idea as boring or ridiculous; after all, how interesting can fans possibly be? Well, friends, the answer to this question is actually “very”; hidden away in Zionsville is a world-famous ceiling fan manufacturer, and tucked inside its warehouse facility is an impressively fascinating antique fan museum. It’s the only antique fan museum in Indiana, and I promise it’s totally worth checking out!

For more information about this truly unique little oddball attraction in Indiana, be sure to check out the official Antique Fan Museum website. Have a mighty need for even more strange and quirky attractions? Check out some of my favorite offbeat attractions in Indiana that you might not even know about yet!

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