Don’t Miss These 15 Great Pumpkin Patches In Indiana This Fall

Who knew Indiana was home to so many pumpkin patches? I seen signs for U-pick pumpkin patches up and down the road any time I go anywhere once the fall season hits, but it has been a long time since I’ve actually been to one. Apparently, the state is LITTERED with them. Unfortunately, I could only include 15 in this list because some of them were a little hard to find pictures of. As always, you’re more than welcomed to contact me with a picture and some information if you have a pumpkin patch in the state you think should have been included in this piece that wasn’t.

Are you going to any of these pumpkin patches this year? I’m not really sure my son would have a full understanding of it just yet, but it might still be fun to take him to get some pictures of him in the pumpkin patch. Remember to share this with your friends and leave a comment with your thoughts!