Indiana’s Oldest Tree Was One Of The Oldest Living Things In The Midwest

So, fun fact: did you know that one of the oldest trees in the Midwest was right here in Indiana? It’s true! The Treaty Line Oak, as it was called by some, was thought to be at least 500 years old. Though it did (eventually) die in 2011, the tree was commemorated with its very own plaque and plenty of news stories about the not-so-little guy. It’s been over a decade since the oldest tree in Indiana left us, so we decided to write up a little tribute to it! After all, it’s not every day you get to brag about having had one of the oldest living things in the region call your state home.

So, what’s the oldest living tree in Indiana today? That title goes to a Chinkapin oak tree in Indianapolis, found at the intersection of Temple and Brookside Avenues. It is thought to be no younger than 272 years old, give or take about 50 years. It is thought to have germinated sometime in 1750 – so when our previous oldest tree was already about 239 years old!

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