When is your favorite time of year? For many people, summer is the obvious answer, with plenty of swimming, hiking, biking, camping, and more to be done. But there’s a specific group of folks – folks like myself – who are hopelessly obsessed with autumn. After all, the weather is gorgeous, and it’s a blast! Did you know that the longest-running festival in Indiana – or one of them, at the very least – is a Halloween festival? Yep! Get your costume ready, head out to the town of Irvington, and check it out. It’s a spooky blast for all ages.

If you’re planning to travel for this one (which everyone ought to do at least once in their lives!), you’ll need somewhere to stay. Our friends at Booking.com can definitely help with that. At the time of this writing, I am a Level 3 Genius on Booking and I can personally tell you that it’s absolutely worth it, particularly for frequent travelers.

For more information about the festival itself, including the most up-to-date calendar of events and all the info you’ll need to plan your week around it, be sure to check out the official Irvington Halloween Festival website. What are your favorite festivals in Indiana? Do you know of any that are older than this one? Let me know!

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