Recently, a billboard in Muncie, Indiana, caused quite a stir. The advertisement focused on the local police force and, given the recent controversies involving police officers, the citizens were shocked.

The electronic billboard display the message “Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead.” Many describe the billboard as “vulgar” and are shocked money was spent on this kind of ad.

cop billboard

Megan Thomas originally noticed the questionable sign while walking with her niece. Thomas believed it was installed prior to a police brutality protest and “was very ashamed that something so dividing was present in Muncie.”

After Thomas’s photo of the billboard was shared on Facebook, it received an overwhelming amount of both positive and negative comments. The owner of the store it was displayed above received so many complaints, he called the billboard company to request its removal. It has since been taken down.

Once the original message was removed, two others took its place: “Love, Respect, Support Law Enforcement” and “Love, Support, Support Law Enforcement.” The individuals who originally paid for the billboard haven’t come forward.

How would you react if you saw such a a strong, polarizing message? It’s no wonder citizens couldn’t stop talking about it.

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