17 Marvels In Indiana That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Indiana is a pretty amazing state to explore, full of unique sites and places. From weird places to places you won’t believe really exist, Indiana is full of marvels begging to be explored. Scroll down for a full list of some of the most amazing marvels located in the Hoosier state.

1. The Twisted House – Indianapolis

This spectacular arch shaped sculpture looks like a house just out of a child’s imagination. Located amongst the IMA Gardens, this sculpture was designed by John McNaughton. You can squeeze inside the narrow door to view the the gardens from the strange, tilted windows, gaining a new perspective on the pristine and beautiful greenery outside.

2. The Seven Pillars of Peru – Peru

If you’ve never heard of the Seven Pillars of Peru, you’re missing out on a truly incredible Indiana marvel. These pillars, also referred to as simply “The Cliffs,” are limestone structures that were created naturally through years of wind and erosion. The Miami considered these pillars to be a holy place.

3. Marengo Cave – Marengo

Formed over one million years ago, Marengo Cave was first discovered in 1883. The stunning caverns span 5 miles underground and contains one upper level passage and two lower level, underground rivers. Marengo Cave offers two different cave exploration tours, The one-mile Dripstone Trail tour and the shorter, Crystal Palace tour.

4. Veal Ice Tree – Indianapolis

This amazing ice tree sculpture started as one family enjoying the ice formations along their honeysuckle bush in 1961. Since that year, the Veal family has made this “ice tree” a tradition in their household. Every year, the family uses lumber, branches, metal, and twine to create the tree’s base and allows mother nature to turn the stream of water spritzing the tree into a glorious mountain of ice. Each year the tree is different, so be sure to check it out this winter!

5. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – Chesterton

The Dunes may arguably be the most stunning natural landmark in Indiana. With over 15 miles of stunning shoreline along the coast of Lake Michigan, this stunning Natural Landmark provides an intriguing ecology, fascinating vacation spot, and beautiful landscape to explore. Visitors can swim, boat, fish, sunbathe, walk the shorelines, hike, camp, bird watch, and much more.

6. The World’s Largest Ball of Paint – Alexandria

What’s awesome about this display is that you aren’t just looking at the ball of paint; you’re actually adding to it. This interactive piece of art is located in Alexandria, Indiana which was initiated by Michael Carmichael. The ball of paint started in 1977 and has been growing ever since. It was last measured at around 14 feet tall. Visitors can call ahead (765-724-4088) to set up an appointment to add paint onto this historic ball.

7. Hoosier National Forest – Bedford

This stunning forest has over 200,000 acres of preserved land for the public to enjoy and explore. This gorgeous woodland is a prime spot for camping and hiking. This place is perfect for recharging and spending a weekend away from the worries of daily life.

8. The Quilt Gardens – Elkhart

There is something so stunning about these flower gardens that look like intricately woven Amish quilts. Every quilt garden/mural has its own intricately planned design with its own unique look and story. Open from May 30th until October 1st, you have to make this gorgeous marvel a stop on your next road trip.

9. Cataract Falls – Cataract

This breathtaking waterfall in Owen County is the largest waterfall in Indiana, by volume. With an upper and lower fall to explore, this dazzling waterfall is worth a drive for any Hoosier. Hike along the falls or simply enjoy the view and relaxing lull of the streaming water.

10. Wyandotte Cave – Leavenworth

Editor’s Note: Wyandotte Caves are temporarily closed.

Wyandotte Caves are two amazing limestone caves located in southern Indiana. These caves might be the most visually stunning of all Indiana caves, with amazing wildlife like cave bats and salamanders, and stunning limestone displays.

11. Brown County State Park – Nashville

This gorgeous state park in Nashville, Indiana is arguably the most popular state park in Indiana. It’s a great place to drive through to explore covered bridges, a fantastic hiking and camping spot, and also a great fishing location. Whether you like to run, bike, walk, explore, horseback ride, or simply take pictures, Brown County State Park is a true beauty to behold.

12. West Baden Springs Hotel – French Lick

You’ll feel like you’ve ascended to heaven when exploring this stunning, decadent hotel. This French Lick resort was constructed over 100 years ago and was once dubbed the “8th Wonder of the World”. The breathtaking atrium is perhaps the most inspiring design within the hotel, spanning 200 feet. If you love architecture, a visit to this resort is a must.

13. Patoka Lake – Patoka

This stunning lake is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and swimming. Patoka Lake is the second largest reservoir in Indiana and is also home to Indiana’s first floating cabins. For a unique and unforgettable experience this summer, you need to visit one of Indiana’s most stunning marvels, Patoka Lake.

14. Bluespring Caverns – Bedford

This 21 mile long cave in Bedford is a real treasure. As one of the few caves in Indiana that can be explored, Bluespring Caverns is one of the best natural marvels in Indiana. Visitors can take an unforgettable, hour-long boat ride through the caverns to explore the full depth of the cave’s beauty and witness extraordinary cave wildlife.

15. The Roofless Church – New Harmony

New Harmony, Indiana is simply a mecca for stunning sites and marvels. Founded as an attempt at a utopian society, New Harmony has an interesting and colorful past. The Roofless Church is one of the most gorgeous sites to behold. The church itself is the entire plaza, including the popular parabola domed structure. The church was designed to be a place for such devout worship that the only roof appropriate for the church would be the sky.

16. Century of Progress Homes – Porter

These amazing homes were constructed using the most modern designs and advances available at the time and shown in the 1933 World’s Fair. These amazing houses might look out of place in Indiana, but are stunning to explore. Find out how to visit these marvels, click here.

17. The Pyramids – Indianapolis

These stunning buildings have to be seen in person to truly believe how amazing they are. The Pyramids in Indiana are three man-made marvels that were designed by famous architect, Kevin Roche. The Pyramids were built from 1967 to 1972 and are famous for their glass curtain walls.

Wow, did you know so many marvels existed in our humble state? If you’re hungry for more amazing places, check out this great list.

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