Did you know that there are 24 amazing state parks in Indiana? It’s true! Each is special and significant in its own way; some are historically significant, some are culturally significant, and others are particularly beautiful on the nature front (and some are all of the above). Everyone knows the big ones; there are Turkey Run State Park, McCormick’s Creek State Park, and Clifty Falls State Park, for example. But then, there are the parks few folks tend to even realize exist. They get lost in the shuffle among the more popular destinations, but that just makes them hidden gems, in our eyes. Let’s take a look at a little-known state park in Indiana that’s got all three of those bullet points we mentioned (historically, culturally, and naturally significant) going for it.

What do you think? We think this little-known state park in Indiana has got it all! Why worry about crowds when you can camp somewhere a little more off the beaten path? For more information about this little slice of heaven, be sure to check out the official Indiana.gov website.

If you can’t get enough of the amazing state parks in Indiana, no worries – neither can we! Check out some of our favorite Indiana state parks that are just waiting to be explored.

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Indiana State Parks

  1. What are some of the most popular Indiana state parks?  

Indiana is home to 24 amazing state parks which are all worthy of exploration – though, naturally, some tend to be more popular among visitors than others. The most popular Indiana state parks at the time of this writing are:  


2. What are the best state parks in Indiana?  

Of course, popularity doesn’t always indicate what’s “best”, and it’s also good to keep in mind that “best” is subjective. Other amazing state parks in Indiana worth visiting include:  


3. Where are some truly beautiful places in Indiana? 

Don’t sleep on the rest of our amazing state, either. There are plenty of beautiful places in Indiana outside of its state parks, like:  

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