We all know some of the most popular haunted places in Indiana, but there are several little known haunted places lingering throughout the Hoosier state. If you’re a fan of the paranormal or simply love reading about spooky places, check out these 6 little known haunted places in Indiana:

1. Okie Pinokie Woods – Peru

Local legend claims that these Indiana woods are haunted. Many locals stay far away from them, believing the spirits of disfigured men who were murdered brutally haunt this area of town. Check out the video above for a firsthand account.

2. Whispers Estate – Mitchell

This little known estate has been featured on a few paranormal TV shows and is said to be a site of lingering, dark spirits. Visitors claim to hear strange voices and have even noted furniture shaking, weird smells, jingling doorknobs, and more. Some even claim there’s a mysterious vortex at the center of the house.

3. Roads Hotel – Atlanta

This hotel is known for once housing John Dillinger. Today, many claim it’s haunted by numerous spirits. Guests experience lights turning on and off and often hear unexplained voices and footsteps. Apparitions and shadows of figures (ranging from males to females, and even children) have also been seen here. Check out this video investigating the hotel’s Doll Room.

4. Old Whitley Jail – Columbia City

This historic jailhouse is said to be haunted by the ghost of Charles Butler. Butler murdered his wife in 1883 and was sentenced to death by gallows. When Butler’s execution was started, the hanging didn’t go as planned. It took over ten minutes to properly hang Butler, during which time, he was brutally strangled by the malfunctioning rope. As revenge, his ghost allegedly still haunts this jailhouse.

5. Gray Hotel – Redkey

Any local resident will tell you that there are definitely weird vibes coming from this hotel. In fact, this hotel might be one of the most haunted places in the state, though it’s relatively unknown by most Hoosiers. This former hotel was the site of two, if not three, murders, and apparitions of a ghostly couple are the most common sighting. Slamming doors, cold spots, footsteps, and cold touches have also been reported.

6. Thornhaven Manor – New Castle

This manor was once featured on Ghost Adventures and is a property riddled with rumors of murders, unexplained deaths, and even suicide. This haunted site has been reported to have a variety of paranormal activity, ranging from noises to ghostly apparitions.

Have you ever heard of any of these little known haunted places in Indiana? For more haunted Indiana stories, check out this haunted Indiana road trip.

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