How This Small Indiana Town Quietly Became The Coolest Place In The Midwest

Indiana is home to a lot of unique small towns and cities. From the eclectic vibe of Nashville to the breathtaking sand dunes of Chesterton, all the way down to the gorgeous riverside cities of Evansville and Madison, we’re pretty spoiled with an abundance of amazing small towns here in Indiana. While bigger cities like Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Lafayette may be the most well-known to out-of-towners, there is one small city in Indiana that has been quietly becoming the coolest place in the Midwest. Let’s explore Columbus, Indiana!

Isn’t Columbus the coolest place in the midwest? It really has everything, and is a totally unique place to live and visit. In fact, the more you explore The Hoosier State, the more you’ll find that our small towns really are the coolest!

Address: Columbus, IN, USA
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Coolest Place In The Midwest

May 23, 2021

What are some of Indiana’s tiniest towns?

There are small towns, and then there are tiny towns, the latter of which is much smaller and approaching ghost town territory. Indiana has both, including some super teeny-tiny towns that you’ll miss if you blink! Westphalia, Spurgeon, Patriot, and Macy all have populations that hover right around 200, making them some of The Hoosier State’s tiniest towns.

What are the best small towns in Indiana?

Indiana truly has some of the best small towns in the midwest, places that allow residents to slow down and enjoy what’s most important in life. In our opinion, some of the best small towns in Indiana are places like Lowell, a safe and scenic little community located in the northern part of the state; Zionsville, a winsome little town with low crime rates and the most adorable downtown area; and Fishers, a small town that’s won many accolades for being one of the best places to live in Indiana.

Where can I find the coolest small towns in Indiana?

The small town of Columbus, Indiana, may indeed be the coolest place in the midwest, but it’s definitely not the only cool city in Indiana! You’ll find cool little towns located all across The Hoosier State, just waiting to be explored. If you’re a foodie, you’ll definitely want to start with Alexandria, Westville, Converse, and Knightstown; these towns have some of the coolest restaurants, diners, and hole-in-the-wall gems! Nashville, Indiana, is a small town that’s effortlessly charming and cool, with its downtown full of funky shops and restaurants like Trolley’s, a tiny BBQ joint that is out of this world. Nashville is also home to the Story Inn, a famous bed and breakfast that is rumored to be haunted. Pretty cool, right?


Address: Columbus, IN, USA