A lot of these songs were inspired by the fact that the singer was born in Indiana. Interestingly enough, this is not true of all the singers. Some of the singers just happened to pass through Indiana, and got to see just how awesome this state is. Here are some great songs that were written and performed with Indiana in mind.

1.) Indiana Wants Me by R. Dean Taylor

R. Dean Taylor was born in Canada. This song is the song Americans know him best for.

2.) Goin’ Back To Indiana by The Jackson Five

Did you know Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana?

3.) Jim Dean of Indiana by Phil Ochs

4.) Indiana by Melissa Etheridge

5.) Back Home Again in Indiana by Jim Nabors

It is worth mentioning this is just one of many people who have sung this particular song. Jim Nabors just happens to be the man who sung the song for years at the Indianapolis 500.

6.) Indiana By Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is a member of a band called The Samples.

7.) Indiana Christmas by Straight No Chaser

This Capella group originated from Indiana University.

8.) Indiana Sky by Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels is from South Bend, Indiana.

9.) Springtime Indiana by Sandra McCracken

10.) Pizza King by Wussy

If you live in Indiana, you know this song is about one of the greatest pizza places in the state.

11.) Small Town by John Mellencamp

Here’s the thing about this song, John Mellencamp was born in the Hoosier state. So the “small town” he is referring to is Seymour, Indiana.

12.) Can’t Get Indiana Off My Mind by Hoagy Carmichael

Indiana is hard to get off your mind, isn’t it?

Whether you were born in Indiana or you just happened to pass through Indiana one day, Indiana is a pretty hard place to forget. These songs are all spectacular, but which one do you happen to like the best? Maybe you know another one not on this list?

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