You’ll Never Forget A Trip To These 9 Waterfront Spots In Indiana

The temperatures are slowly starting to cool off in Indiana, but it’s still nice enough outside for you to soak up the summer sun. Fortunately, Indiana is connected to part of Lake Michigan’s shoreline, a lot of major rivers, and a number of big lakes. If you don’t know much about Indiana or you are stuck living in the city, you might not know this but – there are a lot of incredible waterfront spots just waiting to be enjoyed. In fact, here are some you should put on your to-do list.

Please keep in mind that I’m just one person. Again, this is not an official list. I welcome comments and suggestions on what waterfronts could have been included in the list. Keep in mind, I can’t actually add items to the list unless I have a large and high quality picture I have permission to use. Remember to share this piece with your friends!

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