10 Oddly Gigantic Items You Can Only Find In Indiana And Can’t Stop Staring At

There are a lot of hidden gems in Indiana, but did you know we were home to so many of the world’s largest objects? From paint balls to eggs to toilets, we are home to some pretty strange gigantic items!

1. World’s Largest Peach

Did you know you could find the world’s largest peach in the state of Indiana? It was built just seven miles outside of Vincennes in 1954 as a tribute to the New York World’s Fair of 1939.

2. Really Big Lawn Chair in Monticello

On the western edge of Monticello, you can find a massive wooden lawn chair sitting in the parking lot that belongs to a lumber yard. No one really knows the story behind the lawn chair, but it is a fun place to take pictures!

3. Giant Concrete Egg

This giant concrete egg weighs 3,000 pounds and is the reason Mentone, Indiana is known as the “Egg Basket” of the Midwest.

4. World’s Largest Sycamore Stump

You can find the World’s Largest Sycamore Stump in Kokomo, Indiana.

5. Largest Jack in the World

This giant iron cast jack replica is 20 feet tall and was created overseas by a supplier called Bloomfield Jack Factory.

6. World’s Largest Celtic Cross Carved from a Single Rock

Greg Harris, a local artist, is responsible for chiseling a giant Celtic cross out of a 20-foot boulder. It took him two years to complete the task. You can find this cross in Cannelton, Indiana.

7. World’s Largest Candle

Warm Glow Candle Outlet is the name of a candle store. The decorative pillar-style candle outside just also happens to be the largest candle in the world. How cool is that? You can find this store in Centerville, Indiana.

8. World’s Largest Toilet

The World’s Largest Toilet is actually part of Kids Common and the exploraHouse. The giant toilet is an interactive slide you can actually go down as if you were.. well…you know.

9. World’s Largest Rocking Chair

The World’s Largest Rocking Chair is sitting outside of Long’s Furniture World. Just as interesting as the chair, you can also see a giant chest with drawers that is actually part of the building’s design.

10. World’s Largest Boilermaker Statue

Standing at 18 feet tall, this boilermaker statue’s name is Purdue Pete. You can find the statue near the Ross-Ade Stadium in West Lafayette.

Ever been to any of these attracts before? Thinking about seeing them soon? Please keep in mind some of the pictures are not of the actual attraction because I was unable to find a picture of the attraction I had permission to use!