These 5 Patriotic Places In Indiana Are PERFECT For Celebrating The 4th Of July

Are you interested in doing something different with your family for the 4th of July this year? Why not consider packing your family, friends, and/or significant other up and heading to one of the most patriotic places in the state of Indiana?

(If you’re looking for 2016 displays, see our list here.)

1. Americus, Indiana

With a name like “Americus,” how could you go wrong? This cozy town is home to the Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground which is always known for having big plans around the 4th of July for their campers.

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

I know what you are thinking – how did I just go from something as awesome sounding as “Americus” to “Indianapolis?” Indianapolis might not have a patriotic name, but that does not stop the city from celebrating the 4th of July in a big way every year.

The Regions Bank Freedom Blast is a firework display that takes place every year in Indianapolis. At 9:45PM on July 4th, the city will start shooting fireworks off of the top of the bank building. This is a firework show you’ll be able to see from a ten mile radius all the way around the building. If you cannot make it downtown, but still live in Marion County, there are plenty of other firework displays in Marion County for you to check out.

3. Liberty, Indiana

This is another one of those town names that just screams patriotic. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate the 4th of July in Liberty, Indiana? This town is home to both Whitewater Memorial State Park and Brookville Lake which are both known to host 4th of July themed festivals, activities, and firework displays.

4. Wolcott, Indiana

From a hog roast, to a car show, to a traditional fireworks display, Wolcott, Indiana is known for celebrating the 4th of July in a huge way every year. You can check out the town’s official list of events for the 4th to see what you and your family would like to participate in.

5. Bloomington, Indiana

Last, but certainly not least is Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington is also known for going all out on the 4th of July. On July 3rd, you can start the day by enjoying Food Truck Friday. Then, there are many other events also happening on the 3rd including the Bloomington Speedway Annual Fireworks Show, the 4th of July Weekend with Mat Alano-Martin, and the 4th of July Weekend at Paynetown SRA (Monroe Lake). Don’t forget about the annual 4th of July Fireworks and 4th of July Parade Bloomington hosts every single year. You can check out Bloomington’s event calendar to keep up with all of the events for this year!

Whether you are patriotic or not, the 4th of July is a fun opportunity to spend some time with family members, friends, and significant others. Enjoy a beautiful fireworks display, eat some great food, and just relax. Where do you and your family plan to go for the 4th of July? Tell us in the comments below!