You’ll Want To Cross These 10 Amazing Covered Bridges In Indiana

Did you know there were nearly 100 historic wooden covered bridges in the state of Indiana? 14 of these historic bridges were constructed before the 1870s! Furthermore, Parke County brags about being the capital for covered bridges in the United States with a grand total of 32 covered bridges. Alright, enough with the historical facts! Here are 10 amazing covered bridges found in Indiana!

Did you know Joseph J. Daniels (more commonly known as J.J. Daniels, 1826-1916) was known for building many of the bridges in the state of Indiana? Joseph Albert Britton, more commonly referred to as  J.A. Britton, was another famous builder of bridges in the state of Indiana. I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I think it’s fun to learn a little about the history of your state! What is your favorite bridge in the state of Indiana? Tell us in the comments below!