Going Into These 8 Caves In Indiana Is Like Entering Another World

In the state of Indiana, you are not going to find too many caves. Sure, we do have a lot of hidden ones off the beaten path (but, not everyone likes to talk about those because they want them to stay hidden and beautiful!) We do, however, have a few different show caves where you can partake in public tours. There are also several caves open to cave exploring too. Here are eight caves in Indiana you should really check out.

6. Sullivan

The Sullivan Cave is not really a cave most people explore (unless you are an expert/advanced cave explore). The cave is beautiful, but it is not really deemed safe for exploring.

7. Bluespring Caverns Park

This is a park that features a beautiful cave and an underground river. Many people consider this cave an opportunity to explore the heart of the world.

8. Suicide Cave

You can find Suicide Cave near Salem, Indiana. The cave is named after a moonshiner who committed suicide in the caves in 1820. This is a great cave for someone who has never gone caving before.

Have you ever been to any of these caves? The pictures are truly beautiful! It really does feel like you’ve stepped into another world when you go inside.