Indiana has something of a reputation for being, well, flat. Let’s face it, the Hoosier State is not exactly known for its sprawling mountain ranges and intense bungee jumping expeditions. It’s more of a low-key kind of place, as is most of the Midwest – but just like the other 49 great states, Indiana has its interesting or otherwise notable geography. For example, did you know the highest point in Indiana is the top of a 1,255-foot hill surrounded by farmland and shrouded in lush greenery? It is, and over the years, it’s been turned into something of a monument all on its own — despite its seemingly average location.

So, what do you think? Have you ever visited the highest point in Indiana? Did you enjoy the short hike up? Tell us your experiences in the comments! To learn more about Hoosier Hill and its history, check out Visit Richmond!

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