The next time you go hiking through the Hoosier State, consider trying one of the following eight trails that will take you over some of the most fantastical foot bridges in the Midwest. We definitely recommend bringing your camera along. They’re some of the best hikes in Indiana.

For more hikes that are out of this world, check out this amazing cave trail in Indiana that will give you the adventure of a lifetime.

What other foot bridges have you found while hiking through Indiana? Please share your finds with us in the comments below.

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best hikes in indiana

What are five kid-friendly hikes around Indiana that are less than three miles?

Indiana is filled with numerous trails of all lengths and difficulty levels, including several that are kid friendly. Listed below are five kid-friendly trails that are less than three miles long, so it shouldn't take long to complete them.

1. West Beach - Dune Succession Trail

Indiana's West Beach - Dune Succession Trail, which is located inside Indiana Dunes National Park, is a 1.1-mile loop trail with an easy level of difficulty. It features a lake, and the best time of year to use it is from April to October.

2. Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail

Located within the Hoosier National Forest is Indiana's Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail. This 1.2-mile loop trail, which features a waterfall, is mostly used for hiking and nature trips. It has a moderate level of difficulty and is accessible year round.

3. Wolf Cave Trail (Trail 5)

Indiana's Wolf Cave Trail (Trail 5) is located inside McCormicks Creek State Park. It's a 2-mile loop trail that features a cave and has a moderate level of difficulty. People mostly use this year-round trail for hiking, walking, and running.

4. South Overlook Waterfowl Sanctuary Trail

Located inside Eagle Creek Park is Indiana's South Overlook Waterfowl Sanctuary Trail. This 2.4-mile loop trail offers a variety of recreational activities and has an easy level of difficulty. It's also accessible year round.

5. Mount Baldy Beach Trail

Indiana's Mount Baldy Beach Trail, which is located inside Indiana Dunes National Park, is a 0.9-mile, out-and-back trail that features a lake. Most people use this trail for walking.

What are three easy hikes in Indiana that belong on everyone's outdoor bucket list?

Indiana boasts numerous trails of all difficulty levels. Listed below are three trails with an easy level of difficulty, so everyone should be able to accomplish them.

1. Camp Creek and Fall Creek Trails Loop

Indiana's Camp Creek and Fall Creek Trails Loop is a 2.7-mile loop trail that's located inside Fort Harrison State Park. It features a lake and is accessible year round.

2. Charlestown Trail #7

Located inside Indiana's Charlestown State Park is Charlestown Trail #7. This 2.1-mile loop trail features a river and is best used from April to September.

3. Mason Ridge Trail

Indiana's Mason Ridge Trail, which is located within the Morgan Monroe State Forest, is a 2.8-mile loop trail where you'll likely see a variety of wildlife. This scenic trail is mostly used for hiking, walking, and running, and it's also the perfect destination for a day trip.

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