Five Different Planets Will Align In The Indiana Night Sky During An Incredibly Rare Display

Lovers of the night sky have plenty of reasons to celebrate this year; there are lots of interesting things happening in the sky right now, and one of those things is actually pretty special (and quite rare). It’s what’s known as a “planet parade”, and it’ll be visible over Indiana this month. This planet parade in Indiana will also be visible to most people in most states – weather permitting, of course. This is one of those awe-inspiring things that are definitely worth waking up early for. Check it out:

Maybe someday, our other favorite planet (Neptune) can be seen, too.

Do you have any plans to witness this spectacular event in the Indiana night sky? Tell us your thoughts (and about your favorite planets) in the comments! For more awesome night-sky spectacles in Indiana, check out the best celestial events in Indiana happening in 2022.