Here Are The 10 Most Exciting Cities In Indiana

Whether you’re a proud Hoosier or you’re just passing through the Hoosier state, it’s normal for you to want to know where you can go to have a good time. Where are the cities hiding all of the action? This guide is going to help you learn more about the 10 most hopping cities in the state. At the end, I will even give you a sneak peak of some of the least exciting cities in the state. Enjoy!

Now that you know about the most exciting places in the state – have you ever wondered where the least exciting cities were? The cities that could use a little more bang. You may or may not find it surprising to see La Porte, Gary, and East Chicago trailing at the very end of this list. These are cities that could really use a little more to pump up the jam.

What did you think about this list of exciting places in Indiana? Are there any cities you think should have made the list that didn’t? Please share with me in the comments. Just keep in mind, I am one person. One Hoosier. This is just my list, my research, my opinions. It is by no means an official list.