Some People Call Dunbar Beach In Indiana A Little Slice Of Paradise

If we told the average person that there aren’t just one, aren’t just two, aren’t just three amazing beaches in Indiana, but many, they’d probably assume we were nuts and back away slowly. Sure, the Hoosier State might be landlocked, but as any real Hoosier knows, we’ve got our very own beaches that are so intensely beautiful and relaxing that you really might just forget you’re not on the coast somewhere for a while. Craving a beachfront getaway without the need to travel to a distant coastline? There are many a beach in Indiana worthy of the trip – and here’s one of our favorites:

Nearby Dunbar Beach is the beautiful little town of Beverly Shores, which is one of Indiana’s awesome dark-sky towns, so after that sunset, make sure to hang out and stare at the stars for a while, too. Do you have a favorite Indiana beach? Tell us about it in the comments!

Address: Dunbar Beach, Beverly Shores, IN 46360, USA