The One Indiana City With A Positively Charming New Addition

For Indianapolis’s fluffiest residents, life just got a little easier.

Responding to a rash of duckling drownings in a popular downtown canal, the city has installed four tiny ramps along the concrete edge of the canal to help young ducks and geese get out of the water.

Last year, the human residents of Indianapolis began reporting a large amount of dead ducklings floating in the water of the canal. The city discovered that the concrete edge of the canal was too high for many of the baby birds to climb, and they had been unable to get out of the water.

Now, baby ducks can simply waddle up the miniature ramps to safety. Animal activists are praising the move, saying that the ramps are evidence that Indianapolis is trying to work with local wildlife rather than against it.

The ramps have been installed near Vermont Street. They are made of wood and insulation, so they bob on the surface of the water much like the fuzzy fellows they’re intended for.

The ducklings of Indianapolis and their parents are surely pleased with the canal’s new renovations. Take a look at this footage of the tiny duck ramps courtesy of YouTube channel “Sonia Blake.”