Nestled in the small town of Logansport, Indiana, is a cemetery that is as beautiful as it is old, and it is said to be as haunted as it is beautiful. It’s known as the Mount Hope Cemetery and, despite the fact that there are several Mount Hope Cemeteries in Indiana, this one is known as one of Indiana’s spookiest places. Ask any local where the most haunted spot in town is and they’ll probably point you in this direction; it’s a notoriously haunted cemetery in Indiana where the restless spirits of the deceased are said to be quite active in their afterlives. Come visit Mount Hope Cemetery in Logansport, Indiana… if you dare.

When it comes to cemeteries in Indiana, this haunted cemetery in Indiana is one of the best. What are some of your favorite haunted places in Indiana to visit? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Haunted Indiana

What are the most haunted places in Indiana that I can visit?

If you love getting a good chill up your spine, these haunted places in Indiana are sure to do the trick:

  • Highland Lawn Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a dog who loved his owner so much that he took up residence next to his tomb until he himself passed away.
  • Old Blackford County Jail was in operation for over 100 years and it is said that many loud and restless spirits from those times still roam the halls to this day.
  • The Whispers Estate is known to be one of the most haunted places in America. Many people (including orphaned children) lost their lives in this home and are buried on the grounds. Visitors report still feeling their presence.


Can I find any interesting abandoned places in Indiana?

Not all of the abandoned places in Indiana are haunted but they are surely creepy! Here are a few of the most fascinating:

  • The Post Office in Gary has been abandoned for over 50 years and has fallen into a state of disrepair that is quite fascinating.
  • Bush Stadium in Indianapolis saw several lives before shutting down and being partially converted into apartments, but much of it still stands today and it is being reclaimed by nature.
  • The Muscatatuck State Developmental Center in Butlerville was once a sort of asylum that was shut down due to rumors of patient abuse. It's definitely quite creepy.


Are there any scary road trips through Indiana that I should go on?

Gas up the car and throw a few snacks in your glove box cause there's more than one creepy road trip through Indiana:

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