These 15 Awesome Cabins In Indiana Will Make Your Stay In Nature Unforgettable

I’m not really much of an outdoor person, but there’s something relaxing about staying in a cabin or cottage. Given, I would prefer one fully furnishes with heat and AC. But, that’s not the perfect or ideal cabin experience for everyone. Regardless of what kind of cabin or cottage you’re looking to stay in, you will be pleased to know there are a lot of options to consider in the state of Indiana. In this piece, I included some places you can rent as well as just some pictures of cabins in the state I really liked. Enjoy!

Now, let’s take a look at some more mysterious cabins in Indiana…. Do you know where these are?

The next few cabins are going to be cabins I found thanks to the incredible photographers on Flickr. These cabins have less information attached to them (unless the photographer included details.) But, some of these cabins were so beautiful I had to include them in this piece!

For those of you who are not big on reading…

I’m more of a visual person myself. Sometimes pictures just aren’t enough to decide whether or not you want to go somewhere. I did a little digging and found a few awesome videos about some of the cabins in Indiana. Watching them is like taking a virtual tour of these cabins!

11. Here is a video/slide show of Brown County Vacation Cabins in Indiana. I don’t know about you, but I think they look incredible and very inviting! 

12. Here is a beautiful cabin waiting for you in Vincennes, Indiana! 

13. This is Serenity Springs in Michigan City. I know the video is more of a promo/advertisement than anything. But, if you are looking for a romantic cabin getaway, this may be just what you’ve been searching for!

14. This is an abandoned dome cabin and campground deep in the woods. It’s sitting on the Monroe Reservoir if you’re curious. I love videos of abandoned explorations! Don’t you? 

15. This cabin stretches across 2,900 square feet of space and is absolutely beautiful. It was built back in 2004 and is located in the Metamora/Brookville area of the state. The cabin is less than 10 minutes from Brookville State Park. It offers a very secluded and relaxing experience.

Did you enjoy this piece? Do you have a cabin somewhere in Indiana? Maybe you just have a favorite you like renting and staying at? Please tell me about it in the comments!

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