Hike This Ancient Forest In Indiana That’s Home To Centuries-Old Trees

Sometimes, you encounter something so breathtakingly unique that it’s hard to describe. There are many things in nature that can do this to us, like some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indiana, the most amazing beaches in Indiana, and, of course, the awe-inspiring old-growth forest in Indiana. A handful of spots remain where the trees are positively ancient and allowed to grow wild and free; of the more than 20 million acres of natural forest in Indiana, less than 2,000 of those acres are dedicated to old-growth woods. There are numerous excellent nature preserves in Indiana with some of these old-growth behemoths, and today we’d like to look at one in particular. Lace-up those hiking boots (again), because it’s time to trounce through some of Indiana’s most awe-inspiring woodlands.

For more information about this breathtaking preserve filled with majestic, old-growth forest in Indiana, be sure to visit the official Indiana Nature Conservancy website. Try to hug the 56-inch-around burr oak, or maybe the 34-inch-around black maple tree. One thing’s for sure: you’ll fall in love with this rugged landscape every single time you hike it.

Address: Shrader-Weaver Woods, 5299 N County Rd 450 W, Connersville, IN 47331, USA