There’s No House In The World Like This One In Illinois

In Bull Valley, there exists one of the strangest homes in Illinois. It is located in rural McHenry County, Illinois, near Woodstock. The house I am talking about is the George Stickney House (also referred to as the Stickney Mansion).

You will notice right away something odd about this house: there are no sharp corners. The design of the home is Italianate. It is a beautiful home. Since 1979, it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Stickney was the first in the township when he arrived there in 1835. Stickney was a very prosperous farmer, and he acquired enough money to build the home of his dreams. The home was built in 1856.

Aside from being a farmer, Stickney was a Spiritualist. He performed séances that were attended by many, including the most elite in the area. This influenced the design of the home. As a Spiritualist, Stickney believes that spirits hid in the corners. So problem solved: he got rid of the corners.

Whoever said cutting corners was a bad thing?

And here is another view of the home with a better view of the corners.

Have you ever visited this home? What did you think?