There’s No Place Sweeter Than Sissy’s, A Sweet Shoppe In Illinois

If you are familiar with the town of Metropolis, then you know it’s home to the famous DC Comics superhero Superman. But this is more than just Superman’s hometown. Whether or not you are here to see all things related to the superhero, Metropolis has plenty more to offer including boutiques, delicious restaurants, and the lovely Sissy’s – A Sweet Shoppe located downtown.

Have you been to Sissy’s – A Sweet Shoppe in Metropolis, Illinois? If so, what did you order? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. For more information on Sissy’s – A Sweet Shoppe, visit the official website and Facebook page.

If you live in northern Illinois, check out another fantastic dessert spot, Heather’s Custom Cakes, located in Bradley.

Address: 613 Market St, Metropolis, IL 62960, USA