The Tale Of This Little Girl From Illinois Who Was Said to Be Possessed Will Haunt Your Dreams

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Right? Well, such was not the case for this little girl from Watseka, Illinois. Lurancy Vennum (awesome name, by the way) was just thirteen years old when she was declared to be possessed.

In fact, Vennum’s was the first case of someone being possessed documented in the United States. It is still unclear exactly what was wrong with her, and it is commonly referred to as “The Watseka Wonder.”

In 1878, Lurancy slipped into a catatonic trance, claiming that she could hear angels and the voices of the dead. These trances became longer and more frequent, and included episodes of clairvoyance and the ability to speak in other languages.

Even though there was no social media, news of this freakish girl spread like wildfire. The news reached the Roffs, a family who had a daughter who was also a medium for the dead. Tragically, the Roff daughter died in the throes of one of her episodes.

Creepily, Vennum claimed to have met Roff during one of her trances, and in a very bizarre turn of affairs, actually went to live with the Roffs. After this visit, Vennum was cured and no longer experienced any symptoms.

If you want to be thoroughly creeped out, here are some pretty scary videos.

1. This one tells you more about the story.

2. This one is an investigation of paranormal activity at the Roff house.

People still have no idea what happened. What do you think? Was she faking it? Or was this the most bizarre story ever?

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