Here’s Illinois’ Top Outdoor Attraction..And You’ll Definitely Want To Do It

There are loads of opportunities to get outside in Illinois this summer. But why not head to a truly stunning location that will blow you away? We’re talking about the Chicago Botanic Garden, located in Glencoe, Illinois. This botanic garden is comprised of 385 acres and has 26 gardens for you to explore. Some of the favorites include the Bonsai Garden (impressive!), English Walled Garden (tea anyone?), and the Aquatic Garden (phenomenal). Even if you don’t characterize yourself as someone who stops and smells the roses, this place will make you stop. There are numerous varieties of plants, and you will be in awe of the beauty surrounding you.

In addition to just plants, there is a wonderful garden kids especially will love. There is a Model Railroad Garden, and it features American landmarks. You will really appreciate the attention to detail to make this so lifelike. There are 50 American landmarks and 18 model trains.

Finally, there is something to do at the gardens every single summer night. There are outdoor concerts, and there is even dancing. You can spend the entire day here and it costs just $25 per carload of people. Here are some pictures to show you just how gorgeous this garden is:

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