Discover These 7 Natural Wonders Of The Illinois Ozarks

In the south part of the state between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers lies the vast 289,000 acres of the Shawnee National Forest, which is also called the Illinois Ozarks. It’s a place filled with unparalleled beauty that must be seen with your own eyes to be believed. With 300 miles of trails that lead to unique rock formations, bluffs, rivers, forests, hills, streams, and more, this is an area filled with endless possibilities for outdoor adventure. Also within the Illinois Ozarks are several natural features that evoke so much amazement, they can be considered natural wonders.

The Illinois Ozarks is filled with so much beauty it can take your breath away. Have you explored much of Southern Illinois? What other natural wonders would you add to this list?

Address: Shawnee National Forest, Illinois 62985, USA