Step Inside The Abandoned Mall That’s Been Left To Decay In Illinois

Abandoned buildings hold a special sort of mystique. Simultaneously peaceful and eerie, these structures stand as a skeleton of what formerly was.

A shopping mall may seem an unlikely suspect to evoke such emotion, but it’s hard to feel anything but nostalgic when seeing what noted photographer Seph Lawless has captured. What once stood as a quarter-million square foot space filled with shoppers and storefronts is now quietly eroding away. The Lincoln Mall closed in January 2015, but these photographs appear as though the building has been vacant for years.

The following video provides even more footage of the abandoned Lincoln Mall:


Photographer Seph Lawless has captured several different now-empty malls around the country. His ongoing project, known as Autopsy of America, will be documented and sold in a book for next year. Click here to pre-order a copy of this fascinating portrayal of America’s malls. Follow Seph Lawless on Instagram.