This Jaw Dropping Place In Illinois Will Blow You Away

We are fortunate that Illinois is full of some truly amazing sights. If you ask the typical person where they should visit, they might say Chicago or Starved Rock State Park. But perhaps the most interesting place to visit is the Cache River State Natural Area.

Within the Cache River State Natural Area is one of the coolest sights: the bald cypress. Yes, I’m talking about trees. These trees are amazing.

The trees grow right out of the water, with large trunks emerging from the green swamp. It’s magical, a little creepy, and gorgeous all at the same time. Walking paths make this easy to navigate for people of varying abilities.

You will need to travel to the bottom of the state–yes, Chicagoans, there is life below I-80–but it is so worth it. This is a gem that most people know nothing about.

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