Few People Know There’s A Mystical Council Ring Hidden In Horseshoe Mound Preserve In Illinois

Mysterious and mystical places can be found throughout the Prairie State. From the Bahá’í House of Worship to Inspiration Point, there are numerous jaw-dropping locations to add to your bucket list. Another such place is Horseshoe Mound and its Council Ring, a mystical wonder in Illinois.

Have you seen this mystical wonder in Illinois yet? Let us know in the comments if you have. Horseshoe Mound’s Council Ring is quite an awe-inspiring place to visit and belongs on your Illinois bucket list! To learn more, visit the Joe Daviess Conservation Foundation’s website as well as the Horseshoe Mound Facebook page.

You can also check out several additional mystical wonders around Illinois. These places are sure to inspire you with a sense of wonder!

Address: Horseshoe Mound, East Galena Township, IL 61036, USA