Here Are The Best Times And Places To View Fall Foliage In Illinois

As summer comes to its end, you may find yourself anticipating the impending joys of autumn. Soon, fall foliage will be everywhere you turn in Illinois. Leaves will go yellow, orange, and red, and eventually, you’ll find them crunching under your feet. Thanks to researchers over at Smoky Mountains, we can loosely predict when will be the best time to take a picturesque fall hike. Curious about this year’s fall foliage prediction map for Illinois? Let’s see what we can expect!

Now that you’ve reviewed the fall foliage prediction map for Illinois and know when the leaves will turn, what are your plans for the autumn? Hiking? Road trips? Bird watching? Share your favorite fall destinations in Illinois with us in the comments below!

Are you ready for the leaves to change? Share your fall foliage photos with us — we’re a bunch of die-hard leaf peepers over here!

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Fall foliage prediction map for Illinois

September 14, 2022

What’s the best place to go to see fall foliage in Illinois?

After you’ve viewed the fall foliage prediction map, it’s time to start making some plans for this splendid season in Illinois! While Northern Illinois is certainly lovely this time of year, one of our all-time favorite fall day trips in Illinois is Pere Marquette State Park. This glorious state park spans 8,050 acres in Southern Illinois at the convergence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. This is a naturally stunning region of the Midwest all year long, but especially during the fall. If you love amazing autumn foliage and bustling wildlife, there’s no better place than Pere Marquette State Park. In the fall, bald eagles soar across bright blue skies, above bold, rolling hills painted red, orange, and gold. The best way to experience this splendor is the old-fashioned way: on foot, along one of the park’s 12 miles of marked trails.

What are some cozy fall getaways in Illinois?

If there’s anything better than a cozy getaway surrounded by fall foliage in Illinois, we sure don’t know what it is. One of our favorite spots for a fall getaway in Illinois is Timber Ridge Outpost. In business since 2012, Timber Ridge Outpost & Cabins in southern Illinois is a premier place for cabin rentals of all sorts that is popular with nature lovers. Nestled in the Shawnee National Forest (one of the best places for leaf peeping in Illinois!) this tranquil nook of the Land of Lincoln is awash with fall foliage that is a true sight to see. Here you’ll find the Timber Ridge treehouses, which are built into White Oak trees that have been standing for more than 200 years! Cozy and well-appointed, this is a dream destination for fall lovers in Illinois.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.