Surrounded By Wildflowers And Nestled In The Mountains, You’ll Regret Missing This Idaho Festival

During the summers in Idaho, there are a number of festivals and events that you will want to add to your schedule. However, one that you will want to place at the top of your bucket list is a festival filled with music, flowers, good company, tasty food, and so much more. The Pebble Creek Wildflower and Music Festival, held at Pebble Creek Ski Area, is an Idaho summer festival that features everything you need for the perfect event. In fact, it is one annual festival that you will regret missing.

Come ready to enjoy the mountains, wildflowers, music, and food at the Pebble Creek Wildflower and Music Festival. For more information, visit the Pebble Creek website.

Have you ever attended the Wildflower and Music Festival in Idaho? What is your favorite summer festival in Idaho? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Address: Pebble Creek Ski Area, 3340 E Green Canyon Rd, Inkom, ID 83245, USA