Known As The Weirdest Little Shop In The Northwest, Visit The North Idaho Trading Company

Here in the Gem State, we don’t mind doing things a little bit differently. The quirky oddity shop featured here perfectly exemplifies just that. From big game busts to antique tools, you’ll find a little bit of everything inside of the store that calls itself the weirdest shop in the Northwest. Not to mention, this is the only place in the state—heck, maybe even the country—that you’ll see a “mummified mermaid.” Don’t quite believe it? There’s only one way to truly understand this shop’s strangeness, and that’s by stopping in for yourself!

What do you think? Is this truly the weirdest shop in the Northwest? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Check out more quirky destinations with this list of 9 Weird Places And Attractions In Idaho. 

Address: 504 Bank St, Wallace, ID 83873, USA