These 10 Charming Waterfront Towns In Idaho Are Perfect For A Daytrip

If you’re looking for a truly exceptional way to spend a beautiful spring day, these charming towns right on the water are perfect for an in-state escape. Fortunately, waterfront doesn’t have to mean by the ocean, and these towns are proof that Idaho’s scenic rivers, crystalline lakes, and itty-bitty creeks are just as fantastic as any ocean front property.

But while Idaho’s largest waterfront cities often get the most attention – places like Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint, and even Boise – today, we’re focusing on some beautiful places that aren’t quite as well known for their river and lake views. Hear the morning chirps of birds and feel the light breeze upon your face as you stroll down the main streets of these picture-perfect small towns. You’re guaranteed to fall in love!

These river towns aren’t the only way you can catch peaceful water views! Check out these waterfront restaurants in Idaho that are – literally – right on the water.