Follow The Payette River Along This Scenic Drive Through Idaho

It is no secret that Idaho is home to some of the most majestic rivers. While you can always enjoy these bodies of water with a fishing pole in hand or on a kayak, sometimes the best views can be captured right from the front seat of your own car. The Payette River National Scenic Byway is one scenic drive in Idaho where you will follow the gorgeous Payette River. You will travel through four counties and several small towns, over historic bridges, and even past man-made lakes and state parks. This scenic byway in Idaho is certainly one road you’ll want to explore.

Have you ever traveled along the Payette River National Scenic Byway in Idaho? Did you enjoy the gorgeous views of the Payette River? Did you stop anywhere along your way? Let us know all about your drive in the comments!

Address: Idaho 55, ID-55, Cascade, ID, USA