Discover A Remote Oasis Of Lush Green Ferns In Tea Kettle Cave In Idaho

Here in Idaho, adventure can be found all around us—even right underneath our feet. Exploring all of the Gem State’s different caves offers up an endlessly exciting experience. From the state’s famous Mammoth Cave to the lesser-known gems hiding out in the middle of nowhere, each cave has something unique to offer. However, Tea Kettle Cave may be one of the most unique in the state and it will simply leave you in awe of what Mother Nature is capable of. Home to lush green ferns at the bottom, visiting this underground cave feels like entering a little-known oasis. It’s just as magical as it sounds so be sure to see this place for yourself!

Did you know about this underground cave near Gooding and the ferns that grow inside? What a neat find! For more underground adventures, check out this list of 8 Fascinating Caves In Idaho. 

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