The Most Terrifying Ghost Story To Ever Come Out Of Idaho Is Truly Chilling

Idaho is a state with a rich and fascinating history, so of course, there’s bound to be some creepy stories regarding that history. In fact, there is an abundance of ghost stories that are just waiting to be uncovered in our state, but the one featured below may just be the creepiest of them all. This ghost story takes place at one of Idaho’s most beautiful state parks. This park boasts tons of natural beauty, which makes it easy to forget that this place is thought to be haunted. Additionally, many people don’t even realize this place has a haunted history until they experience it for themselves. The story of this haunting is pretty terrifying so hold tight!

Did you know that Farragut State Park is believed to be haunted? Have you experienced any paranormal activity there? Be sure to let us know! Check out more of our state’s most haunted destinations with Southern Idaho’s Ultimate Most Terrifying Road Trip.