13 Extremely Weird Things People From Idaho Do

You’ve probably heard that Idahoans aren’t afraid of gorillas (and if you haven’t, look it up), but despite our fearlessness of large, hairy primates, Idaho folk really aren’t much different from anyone else. However, we do have a few quirks, cultural norms, habits, and preferences that make us, well, unique. Here are 13 weird things people from Idaho do:

Here in Idaho, we like to poke a little fun at our oddities. What else would you add to this list? Speaking of our quirks, here are some strange phrases Idahoans say.

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Weird Things People In Idaho Do

March 12, 2021

What stereotypes are there about Idaho?

There are some weird things people in Idaho do that are true, and other stereotypes that are just completely false. For example, while potatoes are a thing that is grown here, not all Idahoans are potato farmers or have anything to do with potato farming. Some people also think Idaho is in the midwest based on some other stereotypes, but that’s far from true as we know. Maybe they’re thinking of Iowa? A lot of people also have all of their Idaho knowledge from Napoleon Dynamite, and while some of it is accurate for the state’s small towns, not everywhere looks like that.

What are some fun facts about Idaho?

Other than weird things and unusual stereotypes, there is fun state trivia to learn about the Gem State. Speaking of gems, did you know that Idaho’s state gem is the Star Garnet. That’s not the only gem you can find here: over 70 types of precious stones and semi-precious stones can be found. The state is one of the only places in the world, other than India, that has them. Idaho is home to the deepest gorge in North America, Hell’s Canyon, which is a whopping 7,900 feet deep.

What words or phrases do people from Idaho say?

If you want to become a true Idahoan, you need to know some important Idaho sayings. Instead of asking for ketchup on their fries, you might hear an Idahoan ask for fry sauce. It’s a combination of ketchup and mayo, and it’s well-loved here. What other states call a glove compartment in a car is called a jockey box in the Gem State. When an Idahoan references somewhere being in BoDo, they mean Boise Downtown. And what you might call a prairie dog or ground squirrel is a whistle pig here.

Address: Idaho, USA